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3,1 million euros of grants for oncology research in the UMCG

20 December 2019

​The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) has given grants of in total 3,1 million euros to five of UMCG's research projects of the Cancer Research Center Groningen. The awards are part of the newest funding round from KWF, in which more than 34 million euros is allocated to Dutch cancer research nationwide.

An overview of the five UMCG projects that have received funding from KWF:

  • Unraveling the molecular role of USP7 in AML and analyzing the potency of USP7 inhibition in AML treatment (Dr. Vincent van den Boom); € 507.636.
  • Increasing the chance of healing for prostate cancer patients with a locally recurring tumor after prostate surgery by radiotherapy with a higher fraction dose and fewer fractions (Dr. Shafak Aluwini); € 892.540.
  • Together less tired: developing and testing the feasibility of two pair-targeted treatments to reduce cancer-related fatigue (Prof. Mariet Hagedoorn); € 503.307,45.
  • Unraveling the role of CBX7 in leukemia (Prof. Gerald de Haan); € 615.445,70.
  • LYNCH-GPS: A Gene and Pathway Specific study of the route to colon cancer development in Lynch syndrome patients (Dr. Sanne ten Broeke); € 577.811,20.

Additionally, Prof. Floris Foijer is part of a large national infrastructure grant focusing functional genetic screens.

Further information on the KWF grants can be read in the Dutch press release​.