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Leading Initiatives


​​​The UMCG is an important motor for numerous leading initiatives often together with the University of Groningen. The focus on Healthy Ageing is a driving force in this on-going process, which by its life span approach constantly introduces novel perspectives  to explore the boundaries of our knowledge. Combining and sharing with public and private partners increases the possibilities to make plans and to enter new directions.  

LifeLines, one of the most valuable public, multidimensional cohortstudies and biobanks in the world. LifeLines offers a unique data resource to study a broad scope of (epi)genetic, biomedical, environmental and psychosocial factors in relation to healthy ageing, disease development, and general wellbeing. 

The European Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) aims to develop novel strategies to prevent or combat age-related disease and to provide evidence-based recommendations for healthy ageing.

Mouse Clinic for Ageing Research (MCCA), founded by ERIBA and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), will establish an ultramodern research facility that consists of an animal-testing laboratory and a tissue culture laboratory and offers cutting edge expertise in mouse engineering technologies. The MCCA will accelerate the production of realistic mouse models for developing new therapies against cancer and ageing-related diseases and at the same time this will reduce the number of mice required for breeding (Source: the Netherlands’ Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Facilities)

GERAS, the hospital databases that will be established to complement the numerous UMCG cohortstudies. In these databases, information about patient characteristics, medical treatments, offered care, costs and health outcome will be registered and monitored in a standardised way.

Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands, the organisational umbrella bringing together all the facilities, enterprises and researchers in and connected with the UMCG in the field of Food & (e)Health, Biomedical Technology and Pharma