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Academy Professors


Every year the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) awards two prizes to outstanding researchers, each worth € 1 million. One is for a researcher in the social sciences or humanities, and the other for a researcher in the natural, technical, or life sciences. The Academy Professor Prizes are awarded to excellent researchers as lifetime achievement awards for exceptional achievement throughout the course of their careers.

UMCG Academy Professors

2010: Prof. EGE de Vries, Professor of Medical Oncology, has been awarded an Academy Professorship for her pioneering research in translational research. She is one of the very few researchers leading broad teams of clinical, laboratory, and translational investigators in developing and evaluating new chemotherapy regimens and molecular imaging in medical oncology. Her wide-ranging interests have led to four main lines of research: breast cancer, the diagnosis and therapy of neuroendocrine tumours, and molecular imaging (see full laudatio)

2007: Prof. D.S. ​Postma, Professor of the Pathophysiology of Respiration was awarded an Academy Professorship ‘for her contributions to the field of pulmonary disease’. Postma has worked on asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and allergies. (see full laudatio (dutch)) She is part of a small group of leading researchers in genetic studies in pulmonary diseases. Her international reputation in the whole area of pulmonary allergy and asthma is excellent, and she continues to receive frequent invitations to speak at large international conferences and to contribute to small specialist workshops. She was able to obtain outstanding financial support for asthma and COPD research and she has trained a remarkable number of students who have continued to reveal the bases and treatment of these debilitating diseases.