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Collaborations Academia - Industry


​UMCG researchers collaborate with numerous (inter)national partners, including industrial partners. Such collaborations have resulted in longer-term projects and continuing relationships that generate effective knowledge flows between the UMCG and industry. 


Public Privat​e Collaborations​
Large International Projects with industry involved
Partnerships to stimulate Innovations and Valorisation

Public-Private Collaborations

Aim: By offering a full range of bioanalytical services and capabilities, BiomarkerBay aims to valorize the knowledge and expertise present in the Northern Netherlands in the field of biomarker research and bioanalysis.
Participants: UMCG, RuG, SMEs (ABL, QPS, IQProducts, Syncom, BrainsOnLine)

Aim: Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC), generate and develop high-quality knowledge in the field of carbohydrates, stimulating innovation, contributing to ​​a healthier and more sustainable society
Participants: UMCG, RUG, Wageningen UR, TNO and SMEs

Aim: Smart Prevention, Rehabilitation & INtervention Technologies at home for improved mobility (SPRINT), increase mobility of elderly
Participants: UMCG, RUG, University of Twente and tens of SMEs

Aim: Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands (CMINEN), innovative medical imaging, research & development, education and valorization.
Participants: UMCG, RUG, University of Twente, Siemens Netherlands

Aim: Mouse Center for Cancer and Aging Research (MCCA), ultramodern research facility, cutting edge expertise in mouse engineering technologies
Participants: ERIBA (UMCG), NKI, Brains On-Line

Aim: Top Institute Pharma (TIP), public-private partnership, multidisciplinary research, development of socially valuable medicines
Participants: Universities, UMC’s, SMEs, large industry, patient organizations, national government

Aim: Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM), public-private partnership, innovator of Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Imaging technologies, personalized treatment of patients.
Participants: Universities, UMC’s, SMEs, large industry, patient organizations, health foundations, national government

Aim: Top Institute Food and Nutrition  (TIFN), public-private partnership, strategic research in food and nutrition.
Participants: Leading food and ingredient manufacturers and personal care companies, research institutes and universities including university medical centers

Aim: Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands  (HANNN), knowledge and development cluster in the field of healthy ageing.
Participants: Research and knowledge institutes, SMEs and large industry, regional authorities in the Northern Netherlands

Aim: Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing (NCHA), study of biological factors that keep people healthy and reduce the risk of disease and disability
Participants: LUMC, EMCR, UMCG, WUR, VUmc, AMC, Unilever, Philips, Galápagos, McRoberts, Pfizer and DSM

Alliance for Healthy Aging
Aim: Transatlantic collaboration holding a series of annual mettings dedicated to translational research on ageing with the objective to bring together scientists, clinicians and engineers, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.
Participants: UMCG, RUG, Mayo Clinic (USA), Newcastle University, VitaValley.

Aim: Life sciences network, North Eastern Europe, regional research driven clusters
Participants: Life sciences clusters from Scandinavia, Baltic Sea Region, Poland and Germany


​Large Intern​ational Projects with industry involved

Aim: FP7 project, resolving the disturbed dynamics and mechanisms underlying the high triglyceride and low HDL cholesterol phenotype and insulin resistance in patients with the metabolic syndrome and its associated co-morbidities
Participants: UMCG, 9 universities and 3 companies

Partnerships to stimulate Innovations and Valorisation​

The foreign direct investment agency for the Northern Netherlands.

Business Generator Groningen